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What is Khancepts and what do you represent?

Khancepts Publishing is a Philadelphia based group that focuses on inspiring literary, artistic and business creativity.  We are a thought provoking team that strives to encourage the pushing of talent.  As authors, we aim to provide a source of inspiration, creative content and thought provoking works of art that break us from the traditional way of thinking.  This is a mission that has cast us in many different roles: authors, artists, and creative innovators. Read some of our works within, ranging from short stories and novels, to flash fiction and non-fiction.

What is your vision?

To encourage and inspire those that are willing to take the risks to explore and unleash their talents for the greater good.  We are just like you.  Our team members have come from all walks of life.  Perseverance is what we believe in.  If any of our works or content has encouraged you or sparked a moment of brilliance, whether you like what we have provided or not... then we feel we have succeeded in our goal.

Are you professionals?

We feel that the word 'professional' can be used to describe a multitude of individuals.  We are experienced creators.  As such, we believe that passion trumps all.  When you are passionate enough about a work, or a project... there is no limit to what you can achieve, no limit to what you can shape your creation to be.  We believe that passion can trump tenure and clout, it happens everyday, and we invite you to experience and share our passion.

How can I contact you?

You can reach a member of our team by visiting the contact page.

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