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The Onyx Seed

The Onyx Seed Cover 1 (3).png

 One hundred and fifty cycles after the events of Crimson Reign, something stirs in the underrealm of Vallaq, the dominion of the damned where corrupted souls of the departed spend their afterlife.  The Dark Prophecy has been set into motion and forces of evil seek to awaken the ultimate force of darkness to exact revenge upon mankind.  The only hope for the land of Aethum lies with Darco, the hunted outcast with a mysterious past connecting him to the Dark Prophecy.  When the threads of fate take away from him everything he’s ever loved, he soon finds himself teetering on the cusp of strength or succumbing to the shadows.  Hunted by the holy inquisition, the Luciferan Order, and radical factions of his own people, Darco fights for his life while trying to understand his gifts and his identity; but while chaos unfolds above on Aethum, an evil takes shape below that threatens to extinguish everything.

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